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This is the Triple Triad Plugin for MZ

It is free for both commercial and non-commercial uses, it is just the mechanics that have been made, so you can use it without any issues.
The images are from RPG Maker MV, you need to own MV if you want to use the same images used on the plugin

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Triple Triad Demo.rar 96 MB


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Are you sure this is usable commercially? I know there aren't any Final Fantasy assets used, but I'm worried that using this in a commercial project could cause some issues...

Yes it is completely fine using it commercially, I would only suggest not using Triple Triad as a name on your game.

It is 100% ok to use it commercially because mechanics are not under any copyright, so feel free to use it in your game :), there are 5~6 games commercially today that use this same plugin (or its MV/VX Ace version that I coded previously)

How to I fix the Return and options button? They are not functioning. 

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I do not know the original Triple Triad game, could you briefly explain the rules?

You can find them here :D

Triple Triad (Final Fantasy VIII) | Final Fantasy Wiki | Fandom

Hey Raizen, you may appreciate the new demo I uploaded that uses this plugin. Wanted to share what I've managed to do with this in the last 3 weeks! Check my page if you want to take a look :)

Any suggestions on how to add a command to change the image for battle background? Having the ability to choose a variety of tables depending on location/enemy would be awesome!

Hey! Sorry for not working active as much on the plugin :( , but I'll try to add that function at any time, anyway if I don't, I really think an experienced coder would know how to do that easily.

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No worries friend! I've been making good use of it. I'm not a great coder yet but I have been learning by reading through the script of this and the booster pack plugin. If you'd like to see what I have going so far, I'd be happy to share!

Is there any way to check the amount of cards owned of a specific ID? Like to see if I have 5 or more of the same card?

$dataTripleTriad.all_cards[card_Id] Stores the amount of cards of that Id, from there you basically just have to use event conditions :D

Right on! Now I can add a way to trade in extra cards for other stuff like healing items, accessories, etc

Thank you very much for your plugin.Your plugin is really great. I like it very much. It's very helpful for my game. Sorry, my English may not be very good, but I look forward to your next update of this plugin.

I managed to set up all my cards and got everything working.
But then I ran into a small problem, I was hoping to use the mouse for when you play against AI but only the keyboard works.

Is there a way to use the mouse when dueling?

Hello! There is, if you have the most updated version, there should be a plugin option to use the mouse. If there isn't, I'll try to find a version that has it.

Hi Raizen thanks for getting back to me!

I tried downloading the latest version on itch and the issue still persists. I looked into the MZ version and compared it with the MV.

I changed the MZ version, line 792 to 'true' instead of true and it fixed the mouse issue. 

Suggestion on how to switch between the two settings in game?

I bought it I wonder if it's compatible with other plugins besides the ones you created

Can you make this plugin work with 1920x1080p? I'd be willing to commission this as well as provide me with a card template image so I can easily make my own?

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I just purchased this and noticed that only the first card player works, apparently because it's using the plugin command... If I talk to any of the other four players, the game crashes with the "Reference Error: tripleTriad not defined" message -- those player events are using the script call instead of the plugin command. I wouldn't have understood this if I hadn't seen another comment here that mentions it, so I guess the demo file still hasn't been updated... And even when it works, I can sometimes get into a situation where the game simply crashes in the middle of a card game, with the message "TypeError - Cannot set property 'undefined' of undefined," but I don't yet understand the rules of the game well enough to guess what went wrong.

hey, I love this and the way it works! But Indo have problems. I created new cards and added them in the card list. The parameters are the same as your cards and it ist the same file type. But when I am about to build a deck for the duel the RPG Maker MZ says unexpected syntax error or error with input. It happens when the mouse gets on my new cards like when it should be shown by detail. Only one of my cards work without problems… 

But for some reason my main character got this card from the beginning without any commands or events that give them to him.

i am very desperate.. why doesn’t the game „accept“ my cards? 

Maybe you could help me?

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very good! But I have a question! If I changed the screen size. How can I easily move the total scene to the center of the window.


awesome job with this, i used the ACE triple triad for years but recently been working with mv/mz. any chance this is gonna be updated? i'm still figuring out how plugins work, but i managed to get a shop keeper selling boosters with various card amounts and different cards(anything over 6 cards crashes). i cant figure out how rarity odds are handled in the boosters, is it done through the card settings?

This seems like a really cool plugin. I've tried it and I understand more or less how to get the basics to work but I'm unsure how to do more detailed things so I wish the plugin came with a bit of documentation. Could you add a list of all the plugins commands? 

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Hey mate. I absolutely love this plugin. Thanks so much for your hard work

Thanks friend! :)

How do you add more cards. i tried adding some into the folder as the others but the plugin doesnt show them?

nvm sorry didnt realize PNG isnt the same and png

I've played the demo and any of the events that use the tripleTriad() script call aren't working as it gives "Reference Error: tripleTriad not defined"

Can you show exactly how you called :) ? Also, there are some plugin commands for the MZ version instead of using the script calls, I'll check if the demo is updated.

I played with it more. Looks like they were using the MV Script Calls when they should have been using the MZ Plugin Commands.

Sorry for such a noob question - how do I use this plugin? Do I just need to copy all the files from the unpacked .rar into the correct folders in my game? I want to use a card based battle system  and set my own rules - is this possible? I can code a little...

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Yes, you can use the demo in the download copying all the files and stuff. The other question about the card based battle system is harder for me to answer, you would need to work on top of the triple triad to make both work. :( This plugin is more made towards the triple triad rules and not a more generic card game style

It's amazing .Plase add function when win or lose Like When win can get coins or money

Hey friend! uhm, I didn't quite get the suggestion, if you could explain it once more for me :(

I believe he was asking if you could add a conditional branch for when you win or lose a game, so you could reward the player with items or coins?

Oh, Okay now I understood thanks friend xD. There is actually, 
tripleTriadCheckLastScore() has the last game's score, so you can know if you won or lost, you can use in conditional branches like.
tripleTriadCheckLastScore() > 5 means you won, so you reward him with something.

what an incredible job! 

thank you the result is perfect. as addicting as the original game in ff8: D 

I have a few questions: what is the impact of the rarity of a card in the options? and what is the max level of rarity?

 And is it possible that an enemy has a unique card? like the ff8 lvl 10 cards with the portraits. once you won a game and got that famous card back, the enemy player didn't have any more.

Thanks 😊 


The rarity works in case you use the booster plugin also o/ Which is this one:

I think it was 10, I specified on the booster plugin help, If I'm not mistaken I did rarity from 1-10.

"And is it possible that an enemy has a unique card? " Yes it is :), all enemies have "reserve cards" which would be the cards that fills his hand in case he goes below 5 cards (after you win some of them). You just have to add the unique card to their hand, but not add to their reserve cards, that would make it not have more than one in the game.

thank you for the clarification! I tested it works perfectly :D

This is really good, thanks for sharing.  In the demo it doesn't appear that the "remove card" or tripleTriadHasCard functions are working.

Hey friend! Ah, I'll check both functions out, I think I might have done something wrong, thanks for reporting it!

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Sorry to bother you. Did some more testing. I think I now understand the "hasCard" function. It only looks at cards that are not in your current deck. Which is useful. 

however the remove function still doesn't seem to work for me.

also do you prefer feedback here or on RPG Maker forums?


Ah, the place you prefer more, I try to look at both, I will fix the remove Card function and update it as soon as possible o/

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Looks like the remove function still doesn't work unfortunately. I'll see if I can figure out where the problem is. Think it may be an error in the "remove_specific_card_tt" function, but my scripting ability is limited as yet. Everything else works pretty well though.

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Hello Raizen!

I really liked the Triple Triad and would like to use it in a project.
The problem is that my project was made with MV and I saw that you released the Booster Pack and Shop updates only for MZ.
Is there any chance that you could port them to the MV?

Keep up the good work! ^^

Thanks! I answered on the other media, sorry for the time I kept to answer xD.
I will probably work on that also o/

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No problem!
Hey man, take a look at your post on Centro RPG Maker, i have posted a message to you there.

Thanks one more time! ^^

It would be awesome to have the PSDs somewhere so this could be more easily edited, great work though!

Oh, I don't know if I still have it, but I can make a customized layout for the next update of the plugin o/

Wow, this is really incredible!!! Great Job!

I love this. You've got so much working. Only, a couple things to mention. In the Demo, when I talk to the little monster NPC on the left, he freezes the game. He's trying to push an unknown  scene from the looks of it? And also, the item we get, Item #5 Has no name, and doesnt allow you to look at your card catalogue.


Oh, thanks friend! I uploaded the correct version, what happened is that I made the demo before RMMZ release and a new demo after, the one before was just for testing and I accidentally uploaded that one. The plugin is the same, but some parts of the demo I just fixed later, thanks for letting me know!