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Make awesome event oriented systems with Ignis Touch Events!

You can:

- Add switches on picture hover

- Change opacity of picture on hover

- Change color tone on hover

- Change blend mode on hover

- Set different trigger types for picture (Trigger, Press, Repeat)

- Check only on actual pixels and not transparent (If you want)

- Call common event upon trigger/press/repeat as you chose

Engine: RPG Maker MZ

If you want to give additional support, checkout my patreon! https://www.patreon.com/raizen884 

You can also join us on discord! https://discord.gg/Kh9XXZ2


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Ignis Touch Pictures


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This could be a great plugin but unfortunately when I hover over the picture and I want it to turn on a switch, it turns the switch on again and again and again... which means if I want a short SE to play while hovering, the SE will play repeatedly. Can you write the code to only turn the switch on once when hovering, and won't turn it on again until after hovering ends and it's reapplied again later?

I need to check the plugin to add that function, but you can do it completely by events using a condition to check if the switch is already on :D.

Hello. Amazing Plugin but I have a question/problem. Isn´t it possible to trigger the pictures in a battle? Im trying on a card-deck game. i get some pictures (as cards) and can hover them, but i cant click/trigger them to do a special skill. isnt it possible in battles? or am i doing something wrong?

It should be possible, you did the exact same process as you would do on the map? and on the map it works?

heyho, yes on map it works. i read on some other plugins which function quite the same that it is not possible when an event is happening except parallel. i think it doenst work because of the battle itself. on map when a parallel event is running it works fine but the battle "interrupts" it i think.

still, a great plugin ^^


I have picture common events, but that makes me only have a common event registered from picture number 1-100, is it the same with this?

[[I know you can only use 1-100 per map, but once you assign that  picture # to a common event in picture common events, you can't use that picture number anymore unless it's always running that event.] 

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It isn't, you can shut down the listener at any time and assigning different common events for the same pictures throughout the game :), shutting down the listener means the picture becomes what it used to be before. Try it once and see if it works as you wanted o/, I can make some adjustments also if your suggestions would improve it.


bROOOOO U da best Imma get this next month BLESS YOU