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This is the pixel movement for RPG Maker MZ!


Full controller support (y-axis x-axis)

Full mouse/Touch Support

Lightning fast collision configuration

Switch between grid and pixel movement.

Easy specific hitboxes for events and maps.

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Ignis Engine.rar 91 MB


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I'm having an issue where I can't interact with events from the back. Is there a fix for this?

Touch event trigger doesn't work when this plugin ienabled. :(


I really loved your work, but when I test the game, there is an error

that is strange, it is saying $gameTemp is null, this is rpg maker mz right?

sorry for not responding, I was having issue with the job.

About that, yes it’s RPG Maker MZ, I used JABS ABS gameplay.


Yup, um I can see that, but thanks I can figure it out.

May I ask if this can be used for commercial use?

yes it can friend :)! Only problem is that I didn't quite work it fully, so not all event commands are woring well :(


Doesn't seem to work at all with MZ3D

This is exactly what I needed but I'm not sure how you made npc's walk with pixel movement in the video as well!

Hi Raizen, is there any fix for follower issue in the near future soon?


Hey friend! I will come back to work on that part of the plugin yes! and all event commands, I'm just finishing some things for my personal project first, but I do pretend to come back to this, sorry for the long time

that's okay, I'll check it again when you done it. And do you have simple bank system for MZ?, I can't find it anywhere. I hope you have any idea where I can get this.

This is an awesome plugin and the first one I've seen that actually allows pixel movement for events, great job!

The only issue I have is that the events keep rapidly turning when moving diagonally. Would've been much better if they kept their direction for a time like the player character does when he moves diagonally, is there a way to make that happen?


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hello xD, I replied on your older post, sorry for the long time to answer.

i have some proble about this

1  how do you switch grid and pixel move in game?is there any event command to do that?

2 when pixel moving, i cannot trigger events layered below player

3 when i triggered the event,it turns another direction instead of facing my character.

4 when i do this, i think the event right in front of me will be triggered, but in this case, i triggered another event, which i don't think it's right.

Sorry I only saw after your second post, I have a couple of things to work on it still :/, there is a way to turn on and off in the new version I working on, I will upload them asap!

thank you!

i really love your work.

Raizen quando uso esse plug-in os personagens que estão como seguidores ficam literalmente em cima do protagonista, dá pra arrumar isso pelo próprio plug in?

Opa tudo bem :), ainda não :(, eu vou voltar a trabalhar com o pixel movement dentro de algumas semanas e essa é uma das coisas que preciso arrumar junto com os comandos de eventos.

Entendi, beleza Raizen! E parabéns mais uma vez pelo trabalho, já adaptei várias cartas para usar no meu projeto usando seu plug-in de triple triad hahaha, mt bom mesmo!

Excuse me, is this plugin support region tile checking? I know a lot of pixel movement plugins prior to MZ but as far as I can remember, there is only one that don't mess with region tile checking.

Oh, I was using regions for collision checking yes, you were looking for one that doesn't, or for one that uses region to check the hitboxes :)?

Awesome! That's what I just looking for!

is your video down for long?

oh thanks for the ups, actually something strange happened to the link haha, I fixed it!


I'm sure this plugin will look wonderful when completed. Great job, Reisen!


Hey this is awesome, but when party followers are shown they are on top of the leader sprite. Would it be possible to get some distance between them? This is during pixel movement.

Hey friend! I am currently working on all issues, that is something I am doing at the moment! As soon as possible I will post the corrected version :)


Awesome! Looking forward to the improvements :D