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Very awesome. But so hard for me. 🥲

Is it available for only actors side? 

I tried, but no worked. 

Anyway, Thank you for this wonderful plugins. 🫡

This script doesn't seem to work in core script 1.4.4?

this's a great plugin

however, would you mind to share more details about how to use  Holder's template to create a cool battler like your demo?

What sort of things are you looking to achieve? I can help you.

Thank you. I'm a novice. If you want to use your plug-in to make a small game commercial, do you need to pay extra besides the thank-you list?

Nice plugin. Took me around an hour to configure everything, but now it works great. The documentation is very well explained indeed.


thanks a lot friend :3

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"SyntaxError - Unexpected end of JSON input"

Cool plugin. So cool in fact, that I had to move it to my recycle bin


"SyntaxError - Unexpected end of JSON input"

JSON errors are misconfiguration from the user, so don't blame the plugin friend :) . First configure it correctly, and then if there are any bugs I would be willing to help.

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Just copy the settings from the demo and continue from there. 

hello is there a tutorial on how to download and install the plugins?

Oops I didn't see your question, kind of late, but you should install them just like any other MV/MZ plugin, you can check a lot of tutorials on the internet, like youtube has a bunch of "How to install RPG Maker plugins" videos.