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This is the Akea Animated Battle System 2 for MZ!

A video talks all by itself, check out the video of the battle running, This battle system gives TOTAL freedom to the gameDev to work how he wants.

"Easy enough for a child, powerful enough for a developer!"

Make beautiful battles with Akea, without a SINGLE programming knowledge!

Check out more on the demo for how to configure.

If you want to give additional support, checkout my patreon! https://www.patreon.com/raizen884 

You can also join us on discord! https://discord.gg/Kh9XXZ2

Checkout the battle system documentation also!


Do you want a cool template to use with Akea? We expressly recommend the templates created by Holder. They're amazing!

Do note, the js plugin separated from the demo will always be the most updated version of the plugin

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Akea Animated Battle System (Updated)


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Hi, i have a bug with the plugin in MZ, when two battlers in the team use the same weapon id, the battler is copied beneath the second one.
I link you the screenshoot in the prg maker bug thread:

Hey Raizen, I was able to setup the Akea Animated Battle System 2 correctly but, Idle animations don't work correctly as the plugin won't accept "0" for standing action, also if you're using front view battle style, enemies only have shadows.

Hey there.  I am looking for attribution info but I don't see any.  I want to make sure that I give you proper credit.   Am I missing a link or something that notes your preferred attribution?

In all our plugins we have this :D
* This plugin is under zlib license.

So acording
zlib License - Wikipedia

You don't need to attribute me as long as no one claims it is theirs, but of course if you wish to put me in credits, I would be happy :)

Thanks for replying!  I'll definitely put you in the credits as good work should be recognized!

Very awesome. But so hard for me. 🥲

Is it available for only actors side? 

I tried, but no worked. 

Anyway, Thank you for this wonderful plugins. 🫡

this's a great plugin

however, would you mind to share more details about how to use  Holder's template to create a cool battler like your demo?

What sort of things are you looking to achieve? I can help you.


Thank you. I'm a novice. If you want to use your plug-in to make a small game commercial, do you need to pay extra besides the thank-you list?

Nice plugin. Took me around an hour to configure everything, but now it works great. The documentation is very well explained indeed.


thanks a lot friend :3

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"SyntaxError - Unexpected end of JSON input"

Cool plugin. So cool in fact, that I had to move it to my recycle bin


"SyntaxError - Unexpected end of JSON input"

JSON errors are misconfiguration from the user, so don't blame the plugin friend :) . First configure it correctly, and then if there are any bugs I would be willing to help.

Deleted 3 years ago

Just copy the settings from the demo and continue from there. 

hello is there a tutorial on how to download and install the plugins?

Oops I didn't see your question, kind of late, but you should install them just like any other MV/MZ plugin, you can check a lot of tutorials on the internet, like youtube has a bunch of "How to install RPG Maker plugins" videos.