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I have a question, When I deploy this game and start to run for testing, the player will start selecting a language (such as English, Japanese, etc...), Did you actually make it?

Can I use this commercially and non-commercially?

yes you can! :)

Does it work in rpg maker mv?

I'm not sure, but for MV you can use IAVRA text, it is basically the same idea.


Hum, ok, Can you give me the link?

I just created an account (well might've done it sooner or later but anyways) to write here. Some circumstances make me unable to pay currently but this plugin is surely worth much more than just $2.00.
I'll see that my circumstances change a bit or some other way to pay for this later. Just also know though, that I'm really thankful for this.


Hey! thanks for the compliments! Do not worry friend haha, if you need any support with the plugin, just tell me! :)

Man. I saw this just now, 4 months later. Just stating the truth :D: Thank you very much. I still couldn't get my project to a state to finally start writing texts but I already might have some ideas to modify it a bit and wanted to tell you about it. I thought maybe could catch your interest, too.
I plan to have groups of messages. Some groups even compatible with each other. The idea is having the possibility to choose a random text from one or few groups. Some groups will have some conditions to be fulfilled to be in the pool of messages to choose from. Also after a messages gets chosen, there will be a possibility to change some conditions.

If you want to I can keep you up to date on what I did if I ever get to there XD

is there one like this for MV?

Oh, I didn't see this comment sorry haha, 2 years late :(, I think you already found it, but for those that didn't, Iavra has one for MV